early childhood intervention program

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I had the opportunity to observe Michael, an almost 2-year-old child. Michael was referred to the early childhood intervention program and services of Miami based on the concerns of his parents. I was able to observe Michael about 3 three times throughout the week and in different environments. One observation at playgroup, another one at a child’s birthday party, and finally, while Michael was at his grandparents home and backyard. Here the results:

While he was at playgroup, Michael seemed to enjoy playing alone. It was not much interaction with the other children. Not one time did Michael really attempted to play with the other children. He seemed to play independently and enjoy it. There was a point where he bumped into another child where he cried a bit. Otherwise, there was not much interaction with other children at the play group. Michael did at one point held a paint brush at the play group and seemed to be painting a picture so that shows me that there is some form of fine motor skills with Michael. The same interaction was found at a child’s birthday party. Michael seems to enjoy playing with adults such as his parents and grandparents but not with other children. When his mother calls his name, he seems to look up as a way to show that he is responding to his name. Finally, I was able to observe Michael at his grandparents home and backyard (the same place where the child’s birthday party was held). Michael enjoyed being in the company of his parents/grandparents but showed no interest in being with other children and the other festivities of the party. Throughout the observations, I noticed that Michael barely said words. More like making noises with his mouth and tongue. He seemed to at one point make the repetitive noises again and again with his mouth but not much words coming out. He did at one point said “no no no no” but that is all. Everything else that he said was gibberish and not something others could understand. It seems as though Michael wants to talk but is not able to get the words out. He was able to wave his hand back and forth as a way to say hello and goodbye but not say the actual words. Many gestures and sounds came from Michael and repetitive behaviors as well such as when he kept waving his arm back and forth to the point where his grandmother playfully caught his arm in an attempt to stop him from playing with it. When he was playing in a bedroom with a play slide inside of the room, it seemed like Michael did not know how to get on the steps to actually go on the slide. He needed help with his mother placing him on the slide. Michael can walk but seems to bump into things a few times as well.