drafting a charter

 One of the more recent projects I was recently working  was a project that begin  by drafting a charter describing the requirements and establishing what success would be for the organization. We planned, and resourced, the movement of over 500 pieces of equipment to Europe from El Paso Texas. This equipment included over 300 vehicles, 100 satellite terminals as well as approximately 150 shipping containers. Additionally I, executed and managed the movement of 140 Soldiers to and throughout  Europe, as well as their return to the US. I Took place in the monitoring, controlling, execution of the project by serving as the Senior Advisor to the PM  in the organization. I was personally responsible for the movement of all personal as well as personnel equipment. This was one of the largest moves conducted by my organization. Deliverables included the successful movement of all equipment with no functional equipment loses as well as the successful deployment of over 100 personnel. I Oversaw organizational training management program, calendar, and materials. Facilitated development of revitalized training guidance and program management. Achieved zero accidents by initiating proper risk assessments before all training and guaranteeing a Safety First approach. Spearheaded operations, re-structuring of subordinate agencies; through assessment, review, and editing the tasking process. Revamped and improved information dissemination to build relationships and maintain efficient cross-functional collaboration between staff components. Due to Covid-19 the project came to an early end.