demonstrate your knowledge.

This week’s discussion is required.

Answer the following questions to demonstrate your knowledge. Make concrete, specific references to the assigned reading/videos in your response by saying things like the following: 1) In the reading by Sharon Smith, there was a specific event that illustrates y; 2) in web-based source called X I learned that intersectionality means x and y; 3) the short video on intersectionality made clear that…

Include in-text MLA citations to all sources you cite, including both reading and videos, as well as a works cited at the end. Please remember that a basic requirement of each discussion forum is that you cite the reading and the required lectures/short video. 

Example: When citing the the Sharon Smith article, you should have a citation that looks like this at the end of the sentence in which you cited her: (Smith 11). Smith is the author’s last name, and 11 would be the page number).  This will be standard practice throughout the semester. 

  1. According to the resources (the video and reading), how would you define intersectionality using your own words?
  2. How might you apply the concept of intersectionality to your life? (Think about your own identity as well as your own experiences with oppression and privilege. If you’re having a hard time thinking about your privilege as a white person, this is a helpful short video:
  3. Finally, what did you find particularly exciting, interesting, or challenging about the assigned content this week? Note that this question will be included in every discussion forum. 

Write at least 300 words total, about 100 words per question. Remember that you are required to cite the reading by Sharon Smith and the required videos on feminism and intersectionality. Additionally, you are required to cite one extra web-based source of your choice from the list I provided on a previous page. 

Include word count at the bottom of your post and at the bottom of each reply.