data flow diagram

Draw a level 0 data flow diagram (DFD) for the health club system in Exercise G, Chapter 4.

Important: Use Visio to create the DFD.

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Exercise G. health club system


Create a set of use cases for the following health club membership system: When members join the

health club, they pay a fee for a certain length of time.  Most memberships are for one year, but memberships as short as two months are available. Throughout the year, the health club offers a variety of discounts on  its regular membership prices (e.g.,two memberships for the price of one for Valentine’s Day).  It is common for members to pay different amounts for the same length of membership.

The club wants to mail out reminder letters to members asking them to renew their memberships one month before their memberships expire. Some members have become angry when asked to renew at a much higher rate than their original membership contract, so that the club wants to track the price paid so that the manager can override the regular prices with special prices when members are asked to renew. The system must track these new prices so that renewals can be processed accurately. One of the problems in the health club industry is the high turnover rate of members. While some members remain active for many years, about half of the members do not renew their memberships. This is a major problem because the health club spends a lot in advertising to attract each new member. The manager wants the system to track each time a member comes into the club. The system will then identify the heavy users and generate a report so that the manager can ask them to renew their memberships early, perhaps offering them a reduced rate for early renewal. Likewise, the system should identify members who have not visited the club in more than a month so that the manager can call them and attempt to reinterest them in the club.