Current Biology,



he peer review article discusses climate change in Antarctica. Scientist have noticed moss growth in the Antarctic and have been studying the moss and the increase in growth of the moss and how the moss is reacting to climate change. Scientists are studying hoe the ecosystem is being altered as the temperature rises.

2. For my news article I picked the national geographic article. This article is talking about the same problem in the Antarctic, but to me it is easier to read and understand. I like how in the national geographic article, it provided us with a video. In the peer review article, it showed us graphs. For me and my learning styles, I learn better when I am listening to a video about something rather than looking at a graph that has not been explained properly.

3. I didn’t note any biases in the articles. I think it’s hard to be bias about something that is happening to the Earth as we speak.

4. I preferred the national geographic article because it was simpler to understand. Like I said above, it is easier for me to learn when I am listening to a video being explained, rather than reading it for myself.

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