critical elements

Discussion 1

Use this discussion sample pdf as a guide when completing your own analysis. uploaded below

There are many regulations and legal considerations impacting business decisions; let’s work to narrow down that list. In this discussion, you will work on the following critical elements of the final de minimum wage, medical leave, holidays, discrimination laws, and so on. You may need to project: Trade Regulations and Legal Considerations. Consider the following options to find four measures of government influence on trade and employment:

Use Wage Indicator to identify various employment laws in the country. These might include use the translation service through Google Chrome when accessing various sites. Additional resources can be found in the Reading and Resources section of this module.

Search VAT and/or GST rates for your country.

Use the Sanctions Programs List to identify various sanctions influencing business in the country.

Use various government websites to learn more about tariffs, labeling, restricted items, and other barriers to trade. Consider using the International Trade Representative to identify trade regulations.

Taking this one step further, discuss the significance of these four regulations. What do they mean for daily business and why do governments employ these methods?

Respond to two of your classmates and share some observations or additional research you found regarding their country choices.

Discussion 2

Think back to a time when you attempted to change your own behavior. For example, dieting, quitting or reducing smoking, avoiding alcohol, and controlling one’s temper are all changes in behavior. What insights did you gain from that experience that will help others as they attempt to change their own behavior?

Discussion 3

ORG 535 transcript is uploaded below

Your posts during the week should include at least three citations overall, at least one of which is not our textbook. Some posts, especially when adding your personal examples, might be citation-free, but work to hit the three citations total during the week. Note that by citations I mean an in-text citation and a reference list.

Consider what you learned in the experience and respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

Which HR competency do you feel is your strongest based on your work experiences?

Based on your work experiences, which competency would you like to improve upon?

How could you improve on your weakest competency? What experience might help?