criteria from the lecture notes

Week 4 Discussion

Have you ever received an email from a company or website that you visit on a regular basis (FedEx, your bank, Paypal, your bank) and were told that you needed to click on a link to provide more information?

The link often takes you to a “website” that looks legitimate?

What were some of the clues or red flags that made you either provide more info or hit the delete key?

Refer to specific criteria from the lecture notes (CRAAP test) and the textbook(s) to explain why EACH of the websites provided below are OR are not credible sources. You can also include some of your experiences with questionable websites you have encountered.

Please be sure to provide specific reasons for your answers.

Website #2

Website #3

(3-4 paragraph explanation)

Here are the Text book information:

Click on the links to read the following selections in your McLean textbook(Be sure to only read the sections of the chapter indicated):

Chapter 11.4 entitled: Strategies for Gathering Reliable Information

Chapter 11.5¬†entitled: “Critical Thinking and Research Applications

Click on the links to read the following selections in the Krause textbook:

Chapter 2 entitled; “Understanding and Using the Library and the Internet for Research