Contemporary Artist

Project 4: Contemporary Artist (100 points)

The purpose of this project is to highlight the work of a living, contemporary artist.

Choose any living artist and write a 4-page report. The only restriction is that the artist must be alive and currently working as an artist.

This is not a copy and paste assignment. You are expected to write all of the text information in your own words.

Page 1 and 2 is an explanation of their work. What art movement do they fit in? Which critical theory can you apply in order to describe/critique their work?

Pages 3 should have at least two pictures of your artist’s work. Images should be labeled with the titles of the works, date of completion and medium used.

Page 4 is your Resources page. At least three resources are required, but one may be the artist’s own website.

Note: This critique should be written all in your own words. You should not be using any word for word information found on websites or from the textbook without properly citing the course. Quotes should be limited to 1-2 sentences. Your paper should be at least two full pages of writing. Your goal is to utilize at least ten or more terms including at least one critical theory from Chapter 5. Please review the rubric for this assignment before you begin working.

***Don’t forget! For this assignment you are also expected to include at least one art movement that your artist belongs to or was inspired by. Be sure to explain why/how your artist’s work relates to the art historical era/movement.