Completing the Assignment

Completing the Assignment

You will complete the three parts of this assignment in a 2-3 page paper, labeling each of the three parts and using at least two resources. One of your resources must be a published professional code of ethics, such as the AHIMA Code of Ethics. Please use citations in your submission to support your original content.

Following is some suggested reading to help prepare you for this assignment:

  • HIM Directors Face Outsourcing Realities

Part 1: Appraise the Ethical Dilemma

  1. Appraise the ethical dilemma described above and consider the choice made by the CEO to outsource the entire coding team of 26 persons. Articulate and explain how the CEO’s decision would affect both the company’s and the community’s best interests.

Part 2: Describe Both Sides of the Controversy

  1. Summarize the origin of the physician income complaint which led to the consideration of these two business options (Full Coding Outsource and Director’s QI Plan).
  2. Detail the business decision options and their competing perspectives.
    • Include financial, staffing and ethical perspectives at a minimum.
  3. Analyze the problem by defending both options. While not required, a multi-columned table would work well here. For example:

Business Option

Defend the Option

Full Coding Outsource


Roll out the Director’s QI Plan

Part 3: Choose an Action

  1. In a 1-2 paragraph summary, state your choice of action if you were the Director of HIM and were asked to roll out the CFO’s decision to outsource all coders and the coding supervisor positions.
    • Would you act and roll out the decision – notify all 26 staff that their jobs are ending in 60 days and work through the dissolution of their jobs? Would you refuse and offer your resignation? What other courses of action might be available to you? What would your chosen course of action be in this professional job and in this professional scenario, and why?
    • Be sure to indicate how your personal and professional ethics influence your choice of action.

Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document.