Color Systems & Adjustment Presentation.

Watch the Color Systems & Adjustment Presentation.

+ As you go along, respond in writing to the following prompts. Compile your answers in a word document.

1. What color temperature is the light that you are sitting in as you watch this presentation? (Slide 5: Color temperature diagram)

2. Find an image in your LrCatralog from your Project II images that has a visible color cast. In writing, describe the color cast and where you notice it the most. Use the eyedropper, tint/temp sliders, or color curves tool to correct the white balance in the image. In develop, down by your thumbnails find the view option that allows you to see the before & after view of your edited image (See example on slide 15 with Ona, the dog, on the rug). Take a screenshot of the before and after view. Add the screenshot to your document. (Slide 12, 15, 16, 17)

3. Find an image with multiple light sources. Experiment with the color correction. Come to a correction that you like. Export the image as a jpeg (or screenshot it). Include the image in your document. (Slides 19 – 22)

4. How did you decide what to prioritize in terms of white balance in the image? (Slides 19 – 22).