Climate Change in the News

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8-1 Discussion: Climate Change in the News

Climate change is a hot topic and frequently appears in the newspapers and TV news programming. However, a large portion of what you read is heavily biased by politics. Using only reliable news sources and scientific journal articles, cautiously investigate the following topics for your initial post.

You will sometimes hear the argument that extra CO2 is good for plants, crops, and trees because it will increase photosynthesis. Using evidence from your research, choose a side to this argument and briefly give an explanation.

The Kyoto Protocol is a political document that is an agreement between world leaders to limit the emission of greenhouse gases. Not all countries will sign this document because they either a) believe it does not do enough, b) believe that it will hurt their economy, or c) disagree with certain provisions that they believe are too harsh. Using evidence from your research, do you believe the Kyoto Protocol is a good idea and that all countries should sign it?