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In Unit II, you learned about the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Quadrennial Homeland Security Review (QHSR), and, specifically, Mission Four: Safeguard and Secure Cyberspace. This mission focuses on the importance of securing cyberspace in the public and private sectors. The DHS (2009) leads the effort for securing federal computer systems and networks. Today’s cyberspace is considered one of the top critical infrastructures and nodes needing attention globally. This mission focuses on three key goals that include analyzing and reducing cybersecurity threats and risks; communicating cyber threat warnings to all local, state, and federal agencies to include the private sector; and coordinating effective and efficient ways to respond to critical incidents on core computer systems, networks, and government software applications. This ensures that cybercrimes and terrorism are addressed while securing public and private cyber networks (DHS, 2009).

After reviewing Mission Four of the QHSR, do you believe that revisions are needed in order to counter future cyber-terrorist threats and attacks? Why, or why not? If enhancements are needed, what recommendations would you have as a future homeland security professional?


U.S. Department of Homeland Security. (2009). Safeguard and secure cyberspace. Retrieved from


                                           CLASSMATE’S POST

Yes, I do believe that there need to be revisions to mission four. The reason for me believing that this needs to be revised is the number of phone calls I personally get daily on everything from my car warranty to my Social Security card be revoked. I personally get Five or more of these calls daily. Some people do not understand that these calls are nothing but scams. not sure if this money goes to the terrorists but I do believe that some of it does. I think maybe one of the first steps is not allowing them to use local phone numbers to make these calls from I get them from my local area codes so them this is how I know they are using local numbers. This I believe is wrong I really believe that they could do more to stop this. I do know when they stop one thing they will find another but this where you need to on top of anything that is happening. I really wonder how many people have fallen for this and sent them the money they are requesting not knowing that it is going to the people are area they are calling from.  The only recommendation I can think of is to better stop them before they get to the citizens of the United States. This could be done with better control of how they can get the local phone numbers and not allow them. I do understand that this would be passed on to the to the public but maybe the Government could use some of this confiscated money to pay for the phone company to do this.