checked out from the library.

Directions: Read the scenario below. Identify all computer laws and rules Jennifer has violated. Indicate the consequences Jennifer might encounter for violating each computer law or rule. After you have done so, rewrite Jennifer’s story to include details that would result in her applying proper computer ethics for each situation.

Jennifer is a 17-year-old student who is scheduled to graduate in three months. She decides to plan a party for her graduation and decides to download several of her favorite songs from iTunes. She’s so excited about the music she purchased so she decides to download the songs to a flash drive to share with her friends in advance so that they can practice their dance moves for the party. She wants to invite everyone in her senior class, so she decides to create a flyer to share information about the party. She accessed the Internet to search the World Wide Web to find nice pictures to include on her flyer. She finds several images from the Party Planners Website and decides to use the images to enhance the visual appeal of her flyer.

Jennifer enrolled in Introduction to Digital Technology and learned how to create a website in the Web Design unit. She decides to create a website to include a form to collect contact information from all her friends to create a database. Jennifer has been tutoring several 13-year-old students and wants to invite them to her graduation party. She asks them to complete the survey to share their contact information. It is now one week before final exams and Jennifer is required to compose a report on a topic covered in her Introduction to Digital Technology course. She is exhausted from planning her graduation party and decides to copy and paste information from a website and book she checked out from the library.