brought callirhoe out

Like; what city and island does the novel open?

they mention heroine as a speaking name what does it mean?

what event brought callirhoe out in public for the first time?

there was a ringleader the suitors that succeed in destroying the wedded bliss of Chaereas and Callirhoe?

what does chaereas do to callirhoe that causes her to fall over as if dead?

What according to the narrator causes callirhoe to breathe again?

what is the name of the pirate who together wit his accomplices kidnaps callirhoe from her tomb?

Callirhoe is next sold as a slave right! What city and region whom is she brought.

with the help of plangon callirhoe discovers something about herself. what is it?

why does she decided to marry besotted dionysius?

what is the cause of death of the pirate theron?

Chaereas sets out across the sea a second time to find callirhoe. What region does he land? what happens to his ship and crew? what is the fate of Chaereas and polycharmus in caria?

why does callirhoe think chaereas is dead?

who does callirhoe blame for chaereas death?

what event led to chaereas and polycharmus almost being crucified?

how many letters are written to Callirhoe? What are the names of their authors?

whose help does dionysius enlist to discredit Mithridates> what is this person”s station in life position?

who decides to organize a trail to settle the matter of Mithridates alleged misdeeds