Bessa Butler      

Paper Part I – Creative Project


a.Students will choose 1 artist each week. You may choose from the

List below or choose your own artist.


b. Type a 2 page essay discussing why you have selected

the work, who is the artist, his/her background, the artists influences,

materials he/she uses, what the work is about. Please write like a

diary or journal entrée. Write in your own words. 1 page typed

&the last page will be 2 attached images. (1 image of ur artwork &

an image of ur recreated 3D art work that is inspired by the artist.

Please email each before Thursday’s class,  be ready to show

in the group chats and discuss your art images in the virtual class.



Please have an original photo of the artist’s art work that accompanies

The 3D Creative Project & Essay!


See the info. below for the creative project essay suggested details.

d.How does the work makes you feel?


e.Why are you attracted to the art work?


f. What do you see based on Color/Designs/Images?


g.What is the work about?


h. All papers/reflections should be sent in a document form.


*A COLORED photo MUST accompany each reflection/paper!


Part II – Creative Project –



Each student will recreate/stage the art work that they have written about. This should be done by using household materials. Visuals should be sent in a PDF document form. The essay should accompany the photos in the same document.

Please check the links below for examples of Recreating Artist Work Through Staging/Photography : There are also samples in the pages section of Canvas.





Bessa Butler                            Frida Kahlo

Njideka Akunyili Crosby          Mikaleene Thomas

Emma Biggs                             Ernest Shaw

Paul Branton                            Fridha Kahlo

Faith Ringold                            Ebony Patterson

Patrick Duegaw                       Georgia O’ Keefe

Keith Mallet                             Lester Kern

Monica Stewart                        Edmonia Lewis

Kevin  “Wak” Williams           Jean Micheal Basquait

Jasiri X                                     Thomas c. Fedro

Deborah Roberts                     Wassily Kandinsky

John Moody                             Augusta Savage

Carrie Mae Weems                 Claude Monet

Sallie Mann                              Fernando Carlo

James E. Murphy                     Cindy Sherman

Amy Sherald                            Kehinde Whiley

Tim Okamura                          Adrian Borda

Gustav Klimt