astronomical amount of information. 

The below report provides an astronomical amount of information.  Don’t be shocked by the amount of data.  As a business leader, throughout your future career you too will be overwhelmed with information from your subordinates.  The key to success is discernment.  To this end, your assignment is as follows:

  1. Select a, this means only one (1), stakeholder from the report.  Report that selection.
  2. Identify three issues which your selected stakeholder would have as a result of the reported events.  Report your issues and categorize them as acute or chronic, issue or dilemma.
  3. Select one issue from the three that you identified – report your selection.
  4. Identify the facts which are relevant to the stakeholder and the singular issue selected in Step 3 (immediately above).  You are limited to six (6) “simple sentences”.  Investigate the meaning of “simple sentence” before undertaking this part of the exercise.  Report your sentences.
  5. Based on your analysis of the identified issue, the stakeholders impacted, and the salient facts you identified in Step 4 (immediately above):
    1. Identify where there was a failure of voluntary compliance (only one example is required) – report that failure.  One or two sentences only.
    2. Identify where there was a failure of mandatory compliance (only one example is required) – report that failure.  One or two sentences only.
  6. Based on your review of the salient facts as presented in this report only.  Identify one fact which might be used in different ways by different stakeholders.  In no more than five “simple sentences” state the basis for your conclusion.
  7. Imagine you are called into a meeting of CEOs who operate businesses in the Eastern Mediterranean area.  As you enter, the facilitator of the meeting looks at you and says,  “This is a catastrophe for The Port of Beirut and the people of Lebanon!  What must we do to make sure this never happens again?”  You pause.  Think of this class.  Remember the concept of normative goals.  Smile.  And you say one sentence which begins as follows, “To avoid reoccurrence, you must …”.