ASID and IIDA Code of Ethics

 This task will require you to research the ASID and IIDA Code of Ethics noting how your specific case involves which clauses. You will research the one assigned case study. Make sure to read and review the case study in discussion. Discuss your initial impressions and your impressions after studying the Code of Ethics. It is very important to understand the ethics of your profession and that people you work with may have a different code. You will note the specific clauses that your case pertains to, and how you should proceed.


After meeting with your client, you have learned that the client’s family members have illnesses related to asthma and allergies. You have researched solutions and products for finishes and materials and presented these to the client for approval. You have only charged the client for design services and the purchasing of furniture. You did not hire the contractor, nor are you responsible for the construction work. However, as a part of the design services, you visit the job site when the contractor begins the interior finish installation and notice that the paint quality you had specified is not being used. Inquiring with the contractor, you are told that this paint is less expensive and easier to purchase, so the job will be completed on schedule. The contractor offers you a percentage of the savings if you accept the paint purchased. What do you think you should do? Have you violated any code of ethics? If so, which clause?

200 word minimum research paper cited with numbered clauses of the Code of Ethics

Steps for Success: • Research the ASID and IIDA Code of Ethics, noting which clauses apply to your case scenario. Each Case Study has more than one clause that applies. Please note all applicable clauses.  • Using Word, create a 200 word research paper citing clauses that apply and summarizing the results of this analysis. Note the selected case scenario. • Cite Sources using APA Format