Art Exhibition Critique 

***This paper should be on the art exhibit called About L’Affichomania: The Passion For French Posters. It is showing at the Memphis Brooks Museum. Please write the paper as if you went to the art exhibition.

Project 2: Art Exhibition Critique (100 points)

Part 1: For this assignment, you are expected to go to an art exhibition at a museum or gallery near you. Most colleges and universities have art exhibitions on campus. A simple google search for “art galleries near me” can be very helpful if your institution doesn’t have an art gallery on campus. Please include the name of the exhibition, where it was held, and which artists were featured. (If you need help finding an appropriate art show to review, contact your instructor for suggestions.)

Part 2: Look at the whole show and give your overall impression of the exhibition you are viewing for this assignment. Does the show have a theme? What kind of work does it include? What was your favorite art work in the whole space that you viewed? Which pieces did you feel were particularly meaningful? Choose at least two artworks to describe. Make sure to include the artist’s name, date, title, and the medium for all works discussed in your paper.

Part 3: Using Chapter 5, Evaluating Art, in your textbook as your guide, the rest of the assignment should follow an objective (facts only) method of evaluation. You’ve given your opinion, so now it’s time to validate your opinion by supporting your point of view with some facts. Explain how the artwork applies to at least one of the three critical theories from Chapter 5. Remember to support critical theories with facts in order to validate your opinions.

***I need it in 10  hours