APA Formatting and Style Guide

Write an essay on below text by following APA Formatting and Style Guide for your report (include table of contents, abstract, introduction, conclusion, references etc.). Main body of report can be about 1-3 pages (excluding cover page, table of contents and references.):

Engineers are sometimes required to make informed judgments with consideration of the impact of their engineering solutions in economic, environmental, and societal contexts. The impact of their engineering solutions can be negative or positive in terms of economic, environmental, and societal contexts. For example, the refrigerants contained in air-conditioners and refrigerators can be extremely harmful to the environment and human health. Many refrigerants, such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) damage the ozone layer, while others are extremely potent greenhouse gases. However, there are also natural refrigerants which occur in nature’s bio-chemical processes. They do not deplete the ozone layer and make a negligible – or zero impact.

Based on above information, a design engineer is working on the process of designing air conditioners. He will also decide on choosing the refrigerant gas to be used in air conditioners. He has two main and legal options for the “Refrigerant Gas”: Gas A and Gas B. Gas A (chlorofluorocarbon type) has 10 times higher negative effect on environment than Gas B (natural refrigerant) has. He also made a search for raw material prices in market and found out that the cost of is Gas A 50 $ per kg and the cost of Gas B is 100 $ per kg. For a sustainable development what would be your decision on the selection of Gas? Explain and discuss your decision in economic, societal and environmental context with advantages and disadvantages. Explain also harmful effects Refrigerant Gases to environment and human health and give examples