Follow-Up Post Instructions

Reply to the post of a peer and name the molecule provided. Be sure to walk us through all parts of the naming process, explaining each step.

The compound that I chose is Ketone.

To name Ketones, we take the ALKENE name, remove the e, and add ONE at the end. For instance, using Pentane

Remove the e at the end, and add one to get the Ketone name as Pentanone


Alkene group=Pentane,

Removing e at the end will give the name  Pentanone, which is a Ketone

The functional group of Ketones is C=0

Ketones are a combination of a carbon which is double -bonded to an Oxygen (C=O). Ketone is useful in various places such as at home, in the healthcare sector and in building projects. One of the most simple Ketone is Acetone which is formed by 3 Carbon with  two of the hydrogen from second carbon replaced by an oxygen double bound with the carbon atom. The condensed structural formula for Acetone is  CH3COCH3.  It is used in the form of nail polish removers, used to remove paints and acts as paint thinners in the household, as well as during building/painting projects


The condensed structural formula put here for someone to name is  (CH3)2C=0

Explain how you came up with the name?  Please walk us through it step by step.

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