a vampire. With one swift, painless bite,

Imagine you have the chance to become a vampire. With one swift, painless bite, you’ll be permanently transformed into an elegant and fabulous creature of the night. As a member of the undead, your life will be completely different. You will experience a range of intense, revelatory new sense experiences, you’ll gain immortal strength, speed and power, and you’ll look fantastic in everything you wear. You’ll also need to drink blood and avoid sunlight.

Suppose all of your friends, people whose interests, views and lives were similar to your own have decided to become vampires. And all of them tell you they LOVE IT. They describe their new lives with unbridled enthusiasm and encourage you to become a vampire too. They assuage your fears and explain that modern vampires don’t kill humans, they drink the blood of cows and chickens. They say things like “I’d never go back even if I could. Life has meaning and a sense of purpose now that it never had when I was human. I understand Reality in a way I just couldn’t before. It’s amazing. But I can’t really explain it to you–a mere human–you have to be a vampire to know what it’s like. Suppose you also know you if you pass up this opportunity you will never have another chance.


would you become one explain ?