5.  Costing:

hello, i need my next part of my term project done I’ve attached what I’ve already done in the “Freyas pelts ” NOTE: you must read through what I’ve done in order to proceed. I’ve also attached the sample sheets of what this next part of the project should look like, as well as I’ve attached an audio lecture that my teacher linked to that helps walk you through the project a little. keep in mind this portion also requires a sketch based on the styles and adaptations I creatated in “Freyas pelts ”  so pick one.

You are to complete the next few elements of the written Project:

5.  Costing:

a. Fully cost at least one of your styles and set a retail price using the sample cost sheet/labor rates noted.

b. Establish retail prices for your complete line. Discuss how your retail prices makes sense with respect to the competition and to your target market.

6.  Product Specifications: Prepare a spec sheet for at least one of your garments using the sample spec sheet.  Include a garment sketch and key measurements for a full size run.

7.  Fabrication and Performance Specifications: Determine and evaluate the fabric you select for your products using performance specifications. Consider fabric type, weight, content, dye process, finish.

Notes on the written assignment:

  • This section of the paper should be 3-page (minimum) text report. Any images you include can be included in the body of the work or at the end, as an Appendix, but space taken up by images does not count towards the page count.
  • All work must be completed in the APA style.  Written work must be double-spaced in Times New Roman, 12-pt font.
  • Information of all kinds, whether directly quoted or used as reference, including books, magazines, images and websites, must be properly cited in the APA format throughout your work.  All assignments must include a Reference page at the end.
  • Direct quotes in excess of 10% of your paper will be cause for downgrading.
  • Please separate the different sections of the paper with headings.